January 2018 JIFA Newsletter

30 Jan 2018 - 08:45

The January 2018 JIFA Newsletter is now available here

Greetings colleagues
2017 saw many challenges for judiciaries in Africa, including a number of threats from the executive, electoral difficulties and political instability, as well as many examples of extraordinary judicial independence and courage. Some examples that come to mind are the Kenyan Constitutional Court’s decision to nullify the elections ; Zimbabwe’s Chief Justice and JSC’s  fearless defence of the system of judicial appointments; The Seychelles Appeal Court judges speaking truth even when it involved one of their own; Malawi trying  its first case under their new Gender Equality Act;  Zambia grappling with balancing the rights of traditional culture, freedom of religion and international law and constitutional obligations and Uganda fleshing out the issue of the  awarding of cost orders in Constitutional matters under the new constitution. 
I hope that 2018 is a year that allows our judiciaries to grow from strength to strength !
I am thrilled to announce that we have engaged the services of a legal journalist who will be the editor of the newsletter going forward. Carmel Rickard has written about the law, human rights, justice, judgments and judicial matters for many years. A former legal editor of The Sunday Times, South Africa's biggest newspaper, she is now a columnist on legal issues. She has an LLM cum laude, was a Harvard Nieman Fellow and currently is working on a PhD in legal writing.
If you know of any interesting cases from your jurisdiction, please let us know so that Carmel can write about them. Academics at the University and the broader research community are also always interested in new cases that relate to their fields of expertise.
Warm regards