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Past Courses

October 2016 - Human Rights – Law and Practice: An introductory course for judges in Africa

The aims and objectives of the course are:

1. to develop a broad knowledge of Human Rights Law at an international, regional and national level.

2. to equip judges to apply Human Rights norms and principles in their daily work thereby

3. strengthening and promoting the Rule of Law.

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September 2016 - Programme for Judicial Researchers

DAY ONE Ethics
DAY TWO Legal Research, Editing and Speed reading
DAY THREE Judgment/Opinion Writing
DAY FOUR Judgment writing; Speech Writing

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April 2016 - Core Skills for Judges

DAY ONE The rule of law, separation of powers and judicial independence
DAY TWO Modern approaches to interpretation Judicial ethics (including recusal)
DAY THREE Judgment writing
DAY FOUR Judgment writing (continued) Pre-trial and trial case management
DAY FIVE Motions/applications

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